Monday, August 17, 2009

redefining "family friendly"

We all know what family friendly means to us... basically an environment I can take my two year old and find something for him to eat, possibly with the added benefit of comfortable seating. Wouldn't it be nice if the term really meant what it set out to! Redefining family friendly is an initiative of mine that I hope we can all join in. I want to walk into a "family friendly" establishment to see employees with babies in baby carriers on their backs, going about their work with the support of their coworkers and customers. I want to patronize a place where if my two year old breaks down, someone comes up and plays with him or offers to hold him or reacts in some productive way instead of rolling their eyes or refusing eye contact! We are striving to create such an example in our little shop and encourage others to take a similar initiative in their businesses. We would also love to have input on how we can better achieve our mission... please always feel free to email us at