Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VBAC on the interstate

Check out this fabulous story about a VBAC after 3 cesareans... unassisted on the side of the highway! A very inspirational story about the power of birth!
How about on the Interstate?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big push for out of hospital maternity care

A call to action forwarded by a friend:
"Regardless of your feelings on health care reform, you should support the addition of CPM's as enrolled care providers. We could save the system billions in the long run and to deny CPM care to medicaid moms is discrimination. Please sign and forward to your friends."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Plastic... Oh my!

(great idea Brian!)
Many of you have heard that plastics can be harmful to babies (and parents too!)... but why?
Some plastics (particularly relevant clear plastics used in baby bottles, among other things) have been found to release a harmful chemical called Bisphenol A (or BPA). BPA is an environmental estrogen and thus can cause hormone disruption, something that can be harmful to anyone but is particularly disruptive in the developing system of a young child. BPA can be released regardless of the age or number of washings of a container. The warmer the temperature of the container, the more BPA is released. In reaction, many bottle companies are using new, BPA-free plastics and many retailers are refusing to sell products containing BPA. Many parents are also looking into plastic free feeding options, like glass bottles or stainless steel containers like the Safe Sippy that we carry at On the Turtle's Back.

Why I support backyard chickens in Harrisonburg

We at On the Turtle's Back have founded our store on ideas of sustainability and carbon neutrality, which we activly seek by both recycling gently used products and selling locally made products. In this way we support the local economy and cut back on the emissions that go into producing and shipping goods over long distances. On the subject of sustainable Harrisonburg, I strongly support the measure before City Council presently to legalize backyard laying hens in Harrisonburg with the stipulations put forth by the Harrisonburg Backyard Chicken Project. As we work toward making Harrisonburg an effective Transition town, we have to look towards putting mechanisms in place to produce practical food sources in the city. Chickens not only create a constant source of protein with little necessary space or resources, but also provide fabulous fertilizer for backyard gardens, can eat large portions of organic food waste, and can be amazing pets and educational additions to any child’s learning process. Many legitimate concerns have arisen in this process, but many can be addressed with some dialogue and a well-written ordinance. I encourage anyone with opinions on this matter to visit the website and also to email with ideas or concerns. By increasing dialogue from all sides on the matter, we can help set Harrisonburg up for a more sustainable future while doing so within limitations that most residents can feel happy with.

You are still breastfeeding???

Ahhh, yes, the question many of us often hear... coupled with "When are you planning to stop doing that?" or "Isn't that getting uncomfortable?" My answer tends to be the same "actually, even the American Medical Association has publicly recognized the benefits of breast feeding until 2 years of age" (my son turns 2 tomorrow.) That usually ends the conversation. But, maybe I should be continuing it. After all, with all of the great nursing gear our store offers (nursing covers, nursing clothing, and even easy-to-nurse-in baby carriers) who would want to quit!?
Actually, I recognize that plenty of mothers can not or do not want to breast feed for as long as I have chosen to. I respect that completely and understand that work, schedules, and even medical conditions can make the choice I have made impossible. However, I wish people would use the same understanding and acceptance of my decision as I have the decisions of others. As much as there are plenty of reasons moms can't or don't breast feed there children after a certain amount of time, there are TONS of reasons to prolong breast feeding as long as your child wants to nurse. At an age when my child is continously exposed to germs and sickness, I am continuing to give him great antibodies. Less sickness is enough reason for me! It also prolongs bonding and increases his feeling of security. Not to mention the influx of great vitamins to his developing body. He is also learning a lot about nurturing that he will hopefully pass on to his children. Just look at this great photo of him giving his dinosaur "Nah-nah" (the name he loving gave to breastmilk.)
In closing, lets support each other in whatever decisions we make in regards to raising our children. We all are coming from the same place, doing what is best for our kids!

In the beginning...

Hello and welcome to the first of many On the Turtle's Back blogging posts. We plan on using this blog to keep our readers updated on new ideas and thoughts on raising happy, healthy young ones with bright and beautiful futures. If you have any ideas for us to address, please write us at We are always thrilled to hear your feedback and ideas!

Today we got in our first batch of Safe Sippys! We are carrying the original Safe Sippy and the Safe Sippy 2, which doubles as a straw cup and a sippy cup. In deciding which safe-feeding item to start with in the store, we went with Safe Sippy for a few reasons. The first is that it is a fabulously versatile, leak proof cup that is extremely easy to use. We also loved that the company is expanding into bottles as well (please send us your opinions on whether or not a stainless steel bottle is something you would be interested in!) Stainless steel was our preference in materials because, unlike plastic, it is completely safe and free of any leaching of toxins, and unlike glass it is extremely hard to destruct. We hope you will be as pleased with the Safe Sippy addition as we are!